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Submission Guidelines-The Journal of Tourism
(ISSN: 0972-7310)

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Manuscripts shall be accepted throughout the year. Since manuscripts are to be sent out for blind reviews, all author names and corresponding affiliations, and complete mailing address should be included on a separate page. Please include the telephone number and the e-mail address for the designated corresponding author. The author(s) have to provide an abstract of up to 300 words. It should contain an abbreviated representation of the content of the manuscript. Supply 3 to 5 keywords suitable for indexing, too. The text should be typed with double space in the MS Word or any compatible software. Images supplied should be in grayscale and should be editable using a generic program like MS Paint. Articles may be submitted as email attachments to the Editor-in-chief at

The Journal will try to maintain a balance between purely research-oriented papers and those derived mainly from the experiences of practitioners involved in the different areas of travel, tourism and hospitality. In the case of research-based articles, papers that present the results of original research and analysis are accepted for publication in the Journal. The managerial/policy implications of the study should be highlighted towards the end of the paper.

The following are the categories that would be considered for publication:

  • Original research on travel, tourism and hospitality with practical implications.
  • Conceptual paper reviewing trends or positing new models on travel, tourism and hospitality.
  • Viewpoint Article contains academic debates on issues of contemporary relevance. Author is free to bring in personal viewpoints, provided those are sufficiently supported by literary evidence or learned opinion.
  • Reviews provide opportunities to author for publishing reviews of recently published books and journals related to tourism. Critical reviews of academic deliberations held during events like seminars and workshops may also be included under this section.
  • Forthcoming Events provide individuals and organizations a forum publicizing tourism related academic events to be held in the near future.

Instructions for Submission of Manuscript:

  • Abstract: Abstract should be in fully italicized text, not exceeding 200 words. The abstract must explain background, aims, methods, results and conclusion.
  • Keywords: Abstract must be followed by list of keywords (Not more than five).
  • Introduction: Manuscript must be in English prepared on a standard A4 size paper setting. It must be prepared on a Double line space and single column with 1” margin set for top, bottom, left and right. It should be typed in 12 point-Times New Roman Font with page numbers at the bottom and centre of the every page.
  • Title: The title of the paper should be in a 16 point Times New Roman Font. It should be bold typed and fully capitalized.
  • Author Name(s) & Affiliations: The author(s) full name, affiliation(s), mobile/landline numbers, and email/alternate email address should be in 10-point Times New Roman. It must be centered underneath the title.
  • Headings: All the headings and sub-headings should be in a 14 point and 12 point Times New Roman Font respectively. These must be bold-faced, aligned left and fully capitalized. Leave a blank line before each heading.
  • Text: The main text should be in a 12 point-Times New Roman Font, Double line spaced, fully justified.
  • Figures & Tables: These must be simple, centered & numbered, and table titles must be above the tables. Sources of data should be mentioned below the table.
  • References: The list of all references should be alphabetically arranged. The authors should mention the references as per Standard Style of Referencing. The articles should not normally exceed 5000 words. The articles should be sent electronically. Authors can also submit articles on CD (using MS Word, Font Size 12, Times New Roman.)

All the contribution submitted for possible publication in Journal of Tourism shall go through Double Blind Peer Review provided that they meet a basic minimum standard in the judgment of the Managing Editor. Once a manuscript is submitted, we will try our best to expedite the review process in 3-4 weeks. The Journal of Tourism has a panel of reviewers who review the manuscripts as a voluntary service to the fraternity. Acceptance of a manuscript for publication in Journal of Tourism shall make its main author eligible to become a reviewer in the future.

Plagiarism Policy
The editorial board is very strict regarding plagiarism. The journal believes that taking the ideas and work of others without giving them credit is unfair and dishonest. The editorial board retains the absolute authority to reject the review process of a submitted manuscript if it subject to minor or major plagiarism and even may cancel the publication upon the complaint of victim(s) of plagiarism.

Submission to Journal of Tourism means that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere. Upon acceptance, the authors must submit a copyright transfer form which essentially means that the copyright of the published work remains with Journal of Tourism. However, authors can freely use their works for classroom instruction and related purposes. Journal of Tourism normally permits authors to re-publish their works in edited books if prior permission is taken and proper acknowledgements made. The corresponding author is eligible to receive free of cost one copy of the printed issue in which his/her manuscript gets inclusion. All authors will have free downloadable access to the electronic version of the journal. We take the opportunity to extend an invitation to you to contribute your paper in area of your specialization. You are requested to circulate the call for papers to the academicians interested in contributing articles/papers in the journal.