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Editorial Board - The Journal of Tourism (ISSN: 0972-7310)

The JoT has an international editorial board comprising of esteemed academics who have made significant contributions in enriching tourism theory. The editorial board gives strategic directions to the journal. The constitution of the current editorial board is as follows:


Prof. Annapurna Nautiyal
Vice-Chancellor, HNB Garhwal University (A Central University) Srinagar Garhwal, India

Editor in Chief

S.K. Gupta, Ph.D.,
H.N.B. Garhwal University (A Central University)
Uttarakhand, India

Associate Editor

R.K. Dhodi, Ph.D.,
HH.N.B. Garhwal University (A Central University)
Uttarakhand, India

Assistant Editor

Rashmi Dhodi, Ph.D.,
H.N.B. Garhwal University (A Central University),
Uttarakhand, India

GUEST EDITOR( December,2021)

Dr. Devkant Kala
Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies
Dehradun, Uttarakhand, INDIA

Editorial Board Members

Ratz Tamara, Ph.D., Kodolanyi Janos University of Applied Sciences, Budapest Hungary

Harald Pechlaner, Ph.D., Catholic University of Eichstaettlngolstadt, Germany

Dimitrious Buhalis, Ph.D., Bournemouth University, UK

Gregory E. Dunn, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, USA

Zaher Hallah, Ph.D., California State University, USA

John Charles Crotts, Ph.D., College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C.USA

Robert Inbakaran, Ph.D., RMIT University, Australia

Stanislav Ivanov, PhD, Varna University of Management, Bulgaria

Mathew Joseph, Ph.D., University of South Alabama, USA

Terral Philippe, Ph.D., Universite Paul Sabatier, France

Brian King,PhD, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Babu George, Ph.D., Fort Hays State University, Kansas, USA

J.D. Lema, Ph.D., Drexel University, USA

H.H. Chang, Ph.D., Ming Chuan University, The first American University in Asia

Scott McCabe, Ph.D., Ph.D., Nottingham University, UK

Mark Miller, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi, USA

Shahdad Naghshpour, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi, USA

Rose Okech, Ph.D., Masino University, Kenya

Catherine Price, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi, USA

Timothy Reisenwitz, Ph.D., Valdosta State University, USA

Surekha Rana, Ph.D., Gurukul Kangri University Girls Campus, Dehradun, India

Geoff Wall, Ph.D., University of Waterloo, Canada

Mu Zhang, Professor, Ph.D., Shenzhen Tourism College, Jinan University, China

Bihu Tiger Wu, Ph.D., Peking University, China

Dra. Gandhi Gonzalez Guerrero, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico, Mexico

Natan Uriely, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

Mihai Voda, Dimitrie Cantemir University, Romania

Magdalena Petronella Swart,Ph.D., University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa