ISSN: 0972-7310 ( UGC-CARE List Group I )

Journal of Tourism (JoT) is an academic bi-annual journal aimed to be a platform for interdisciplinary researchers in tourism to communicate their research to an international audience that include educators, researchers, thinker and hospitality and tourism professionals.

Journal of Tourism attempts to promote contributions by researchers, academicians and practicing managers and thereby improve the understanding of the nature of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality in different settings, and consequently, achieve a reasonable transfer of results to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality practices in several contexts.

Tourism is receptive to reflection of ideas or practices across a broad range of topics such as tourism marketing, ecotourism and sustainable tourism development, sports tourism, health tourism, managing guests expectations and experiences, tourism and hospitality performance management, marketing tourism places and spaces, tourism geography behavioural patterns, tourist behaviour, innovation and competitiveness in hospitality and tourism, hospitality services and place branding, sustainability of destinations.

E-tourism and social media, ICT and tourism, urban and regional tourism planning, culture tourism and heritage, on-going transformation in Indian tourism and hospitality, tourism in fast developing countries, contemporary Issues in tourism. These above mentioned areas are indicative, and not exhaustive. The journal shall recognize the broadness and the interconnectedness of tourism, both as a phenomenon and as its realization as an industry.

The selection of research papers for publication will be based on their relevance, clarity, topicality and originality, the extent to which they advance knowledge, understanding and application and their likely contribution towards inspiring further development & research.